A GLOWing Mindset

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What does it mean to “Work Hard & Play Hard?” Some might imagine it as a state of being where you aggressively work your life away and party in your only free time. We don’t see it that way. When we say “Work Hard Play Hard,” we encourage you to work at the height of your ability and celebrate your successes. The only way you can do both is to take care of your mind and body. Here are three easy ways to maintain a healthy mind in your free time: 


Practice Yoga: Yes we mean on your own. Classes are great, and we encourage signing up for them, but It takes a dedicated person to practice stretches and breathing techniques, solo. Simply by using yoga as a means to center yourself and tuning your body, you can move from meeting to meeting, or project to project with a little bit more clarity, and a little less angst. It’s better than sitting at your desk all day, and it helps. We promise. 


Medidate: If there is no place to do your yoga stretches, there is nothing wrong with meditating at your desk, before you leave the house, or spontaneously, for just a few minutes. There are plenty of apps to walk you through how to meditate and on what. By meditating just 5 minutes a day, you will see a huge improvement in your mood, thought clarify, and ability to sort through the stress of your day. 


Journal: Angry about something? Having trouble sorting through? Anxious? It might sound cliche, but journaling helps you work through your problems. You’d be surprised at how coherent your stream of consciousness comes out on paper, which helps you identify your key issues and fix them. Give yourself three pages, and make yourself write it out. The more you don’t want to do it, the more your should. Who knows- maybe your stream of consciousness will become a book! 


The way you treat yourself has a major impact on your daily ability to function. It also has a major impact on your long term goals. Party too much and you can’t move forward. Work too much, and you become isolated. Balance is an important goal to have when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. That balance comes from taking care of your mind and body first and foremost. We know you know this. Consider this a friendly reminder. 


If you have any suggestions on posts, articles, flavors, or want to collaborate on a project, shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you. 


Stay hydrated, Stay healthy, and of course, drink GLOW! 


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