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Nitty Gritty Get Down

In recent news, “DJ Nitty Gritty Flipped Exchange LA Upside Down.” We know. We were there, and it was insanity! Here’s what’s happening:

DJ Nitty Gritty is one of the most energized DJ’s we have ever collaborated with. When we say #GlowAllNight, he means it, captivating the crowd as they follow his ecstatic, soulful lead. If you haven’t heard his hit song “Crack,” you’re missing out. According to Insomniac, It was the 7th most played song at Ultra Music Festival this past year. 

As our partnership with Insomniac Events take shape, we’re eager to watch his career evolve. Listed as one of Nocturnal Wonderland’s rising stars, along with DJ Snake and Jauz, we’re confident he’s going to make a run for the top of the charts. 

This year’s Nocturnal Festival is expected to make the EDM history books as one of the best festivals yet. We are HONORED to hydrate the peace loving DJs and ravers in attendance this year. 

If you haven’t already, check out our insta page for free tickets, invite only events, contests, and more. We’ll see you at Nocturnal! 

GLOW Sparkling Premium Beverages x DJ Nitti Gritti
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