GLOW Beverages - Premium Energy and Hydration College Campus Roundup

“GLOW is striving to make college campuses our 4th quarter 2018 and 2019 priority.” said GLOW Beverages CEO John Larson. “With health, lifestyle and fitness becoming a huge focus for college students, GLOW will fit perfectly in with their lifestyles!”


GLOW Beverages has officially launched in the following college campuses this school year and this growth is expected to continue through the end of 2018-2019. We are excited to announce launches into: Citrus College, Cal Poly Pomona, University Irvine, University Riverside, Pomona College, University Redlands, University San Diego, Occidental College and University Santa Barbara.


About GLOW Beverages

GLOW Premium Beverages are available in 2 delicious flavors and beverage formulas. GLOW Sparkling Infused Hydration and GLOW Sparkling Infused Energy are available in Mango Apricot and Spicy Watermelon flavors. GLOW has been awarded 12 medals in the last three years from the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition. Each GLOW has unique formulas that are infused with a proprietary blend of amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins. This infusion is a premium combination of not only amino acids, vitamins and electrolytes, but also, Prickly Pear, 5HTP, Milk Thistle. With these ingredients combined into an environmentally friendly bottle, why just sparkle, when you can GLOW.


Why The College Push?

The purpose of GLOW: “GLOW creates naturally enhanced beverages that support a productive, healthy, and active lifestyle. In today’s insanely fast-paced world GLOW creates beverages that meet your needs over the course of the day towards greater productivity and healthy.” We couldn’t imaging a target consumer that needs GLOW more than the busy college students who are trying to balance school, work, social lives, health and fitness, family lives and so much more. College students truly reap the benefits for why GLOW was created and we think we have created the best beverage to fit into the day to day lives of these students.

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