GLOW Beverages x CorePower Yoga Fashion Island Event

Find your inner GLOW with Core Power Yoga

GLOW Beverages isn’t just for party goers. In fact, we want you to glow through the day, and the night. In order to do so, you have to take care of your mind and body. That means stepping back, breathing in, and showing yourself some compassion. Core Power Yoga is on a mission to guide you towards living your best life and helping you “live your power.” After all, you’ll never
shine if you don’t glow. -And how can you glow if you don’t first take care of yourself?
GLOW Sparkling Electrolyte Hydration x Core Power Yoga
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This past fall we had the incredible opportunity to live our power while glowing from the inside out with the Core Power at Fashion Island Mall in Newport Beach. While there, we got to participate in classes, mix and mingle with fellow yogis, and talk about mindfulness and gratitude. Did you know that there are 5 poses that you can do from your desk that can help improve your brain activity? That’s right, it’s not just about hydration. You have to take mindful steps to show yourself some love as well. When you start to feel it, others will as well.
Through Core Power’s high intensity, hot yoga work outs, you will sweat out the bad and replace it with the good, then rinse, repeat, and go back for more. After a while, “your doubt turns into security, strangers into friends, and stress into sweat.” You become the fearless person you want to become. Someone who can conquer anything- day or night, which is all we really could ask.
GLOW Beverages x Core Power Yoga Event
We thank Core Power for collaborating with us and letting us refuel the minds and bodies of Newport Beach Yogis. To those who joined us, we thank you for participating. And to Jesse Alianza and Johnny Cross, thank you for being the best brand reps and photographers we could have asked for.
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