GLOW Beverages x Keto Collaborations

Over the past year, GLOW has participated in numerous fitness events and Keto meet-ups across the country. These events exemplify all that we think is cool about our tribe. Teamwork, support, guidance, and ambition. You came together to help each other GLOW from the inside out, and we commend you! Here are some highlights:

GLOW beverages x keto friendly collaborations

Core Fitness Bootcamp : @FitXBrit held a 6 week bootcamp series for residents in her Dallas community. Their dedication to fitness, wellness, and health inspired us to donate 50 bottles to their hard working participants. We couldn’t be prouder of their team.

Twin Cities Keto: @Kuwtketodashians Vy & Regina threw a low carb meet up for their keto fam at Fago de Chao, in New Brighton Minnesota. They absolutely killed it! They have inspired hundreds of men and women to stick to their guns (muscle guns that is) and feed their minds and bodies with healthier choices. We’re honored to have been a part of it.


PDX Keto Meetup: @pnwketoboochie from Portland Oregon put together a keto event to help her community dig deeper into the keto lifestyle. The event started small and doubled in size! This lady is doing something right. She gave away cookbooks, household items, and keto products. We’re proud to have offered support and help the community GLOW.

Keto Halloween: @Trina_does_Keto hosted a keto friendly Halloween event right here in Pomona, CA. To put this in perspective, they had a full on CANDYLESS Halloween party. If you’ve ever celebrated Halloween (everyone) you know that this is no small feat. Shout out to all of the attendees for sticking to it!

Whether you’re looking to make healthier choices, or get in the best shape of your life, we’re here to help. Festivals are fun, but your daily life should be too. That’s why it’s important to hydrate and GLOW from the inside out. When you take care of your body and mind, you can do anything. Drink up! The day awaits.

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