Is GLOW Keto Friendly?

The Keto Saga continues!
One common question we get asked is, "is GLOW keto friendly?" The answer is, YES! As we’re sure most of you know by now, the keto diet requires those who follow it to primarily eat foods that are high in protein, and low carbs,  GLOW has only 3 net carbs. By following this protein to carb ratio it causes the body to go into “ketosis” which helps burn fat while maintaining muscle. Sticking to it can be tough. Sugar is EVERYWHERE. This makes cravings hard to beat. That’s why members of the keto tribe need to stick together. It takes inspiration to make change, and we all get by with a little help from our friends and a little GLOW to curb that sugar craving.
Sara Lira and Anna Renteria Keto Events x GLOW Electrolyte Hydration Beverages
This year, we’ve been a part of quite a few Keto giveaways. We’d like to give a special shout out to Sara Lira and Anna Renteria for their latest and greatest contributions to the keto community! These ladies single handedly brought men and women from all walks of life together to support each other in their efforts to better their bodies and minds. That’s crazy tough to do, but they made it happen -AND managed to donate to charity while doing so. If that’s not glowing, we don’t know what is.
Keto Event Gift Bags Including GLOW Electrolyte Hydration
If you and your keto fam are interested in putting a keto meetup together, shoot us a DM or email us at with your plans and how you think having a healthy mind and body helps you to glow from the inside out. We’ll send a box to qualified accounts who agree to shout us out in return.

Until then, Keep on GLOWing!
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