Keto Craze!

The Keto craze has swept the nation, and for good reason! This diet helps with weight loss, acne, cholesterol, brain function, and even lowers your chances of contracting certain heart conditions and cancers.

The idea behind the diet is to replace carbs with fats. According to WebMD , “if you eat less than 50g of carbs per day, your body runs out of fuel (blood sugar). Then you start to breakdown protein from fat for energy.” This is called “ketosis” and it’s how you lose weight.

If you love sugar, sticking to it can be rough. Sugar is in almost everything, and everyone loves a good pastry! Not to mention, soda is a PERFECT mixer when you’re out with your friends. We get it. Changing a habit is difficult, and we support you!

There are Keto meet-ups all over the country to help you find new recipes, cut cravings, inspire new workouts, and receive support from fellow keto warriors. Recently, we’ve joined the movement. Here are some of our most recent Keto Meet Up collaborations.

Have a Keto event coming up? Let us know! We’ll send you product in exchange for a dedicated post, stories, photos, and info about how it all went.

 GLOW Sparkling Infused Premium Beverages Keto Meetups

Keep Ketoing and thank you for GLOWing with us!

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