Saying Goodbye to Fall and the Fall Festival Season


Ever since we partnered with Insomniac events, the PLUR community has blown us away. Our most recent festivals, Escape: Psycho Circus & Hard Day of the Dead were two of the biggest we have ever sponsored. We couldn’t believe the costumes, the makeup, the designs, and the performances that we got to witness and be a part of. Anyone get lost in a maze? What a freak show! We loved every bit of it.

We were very excited to be featured by! They wrote an article titled, "Review: Insomniac Slays Halloween With Most Epic ‘Escape’ To Date." GLOW got a huge shout-out, so click the link to read the full article! "As far as drinks go, our personal favorite was the Pasquale Glowtella which was a mix of tequila and the popular antioxidant drink GLOW."

Thank you to everyone who entered our contest and to Rose Tufte for joining us as our winner. A very special thank you to our friend DJ Nitti Gritti (recent Grammy winner that we can’t stop bragging about) for making the last few months unforgettable! We wouldn’t be here without all of you.

It’s hard to believe that the fall circus is coming to an end as we transition to the holiday season. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating our trip down the rabbit hole with Nocturnal Wonderland. Shall we mourn the end of the fall? Nah- Let’s GLOW into the holiday season energized and ready to take on 2020 like the mighty forces we are!

We have more events coming up, including our next big festival, Countdown NYE. Are you going? You should! We’ll be planning more contests, giveaways, and events as we lead up to it. Keep on eye on our newsfeed and stories as we announce them, as well as next year’s festival line up.

In the meantime, continue to live your best life, drink GLOW, and GLOW from the inside out!

GLOW Beverages x Insomniac LiveNation DOTD Day of the Dead

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